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About Ngomall

NGoMall as established in 1997 which is brand authorized agents and spot distributors, and we have been committed to operating various imported integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices, memory chips, diodes, triodes and electromechanical components (sensors, connectors, switching devices), etc. With large inventory as a supplier, we can provide customers with thoughtful and timely one-stop supporting services. At present, the company operates more than 300+ brands through agency and distribution. With the continuous growth of the market and perfection of product channels, the company gradually has become one of the domestic influential electronic components spot distributors. While operating various distribution business authorized by the original factory, the company continuously improves the inventory stock supply capacity, and develops a mature and perfect one-stop electronic component supply chain solution by coordinating the large inventory data of agents, in order to support the existing supply chain system of the manufacturer, help the manufacturer to reduce costs in research and development, procurement, and production, shorten the delivery cycle and improve the fund utilization rate, so that the products are more competitive in the market, and the results are more effective. In addition to traditional consumer electronic products, in recent years, the company has been serving customer groups in various industries, including industrial equipment, rail traffic, automobile, aviation, medical devices, intelligent robot, intelligent manufacturing, smart home, smart office, charging pile, unmanned aerial vehicle, communications, and lighting. Over the past 20 years, the company has been adhering to the basic principles of profession and integrity, and serving customers is our primary goal. For the growing customer base, the company continues integration of resources and optimizes the supply chain system, and we has established operation and warehousing centers mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other local places, we are always trying our best to provide customers with timely service, the best price and the most direct resources in shortest time. We have won the trust and recognition of majority domestic manufacturers and the foreign distributors, manufacturers, and scientific research institutions.

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